Zucchini Rice Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cooking

This has been one of the most popular recipes around! Enjoy it! We have also heard that adding a few mushrooms and a couple of strips of yellow pepper can make it even that much more delicious!


Duration : 0:6:2


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  1. cshik says

    I tried ur recipe , …
    I tried ur recipe , it was good.

    Can u put recipe for Rasam

  2. aleeza1 says

    hi manjula aunti,do …
    hi manjula aunti,do u use onion or garlic in food or not

  3. beecanberra says

    Hi…I think that …
    Hi…I think that zucchini is torai :)…well am not really sure but someone told me so ..

  4. divyasom says

    HI Manjula madam… …
    HI Manjula madam… i think ur the best cook iv ever know n reminds me of my moms cooking too.. Thanks a lot for such easy delicious recipes.. Can U PLS TELL WHAT IS ZUCHINNI IN HINDI ????
    Thx n Cheers t ur recipes!!

  5. seanarrative says

    seriously, if your …
    seriously, if your a vegetarian or going to become a vegetarian, Indian food is the choice. My little sister is a vegetarian so every night we have vegetarian food, and 60% of the time, we eat Indian food. My dad saw this video and decided to make it and it tasted AMAZING.
    Thanks for a great dinner recipe!


  6. madhavachief says

    good use of …
    good use of zucchini !
    I tried this recipe manjula ji
    it was very good
    thank u

  7. StevieNicksFan says

    Thanks For The Tips …
    Thanks For The Tips!
    I Love To Cook
    and Love Trying New Things
    I’ll Probably Try this Tonight When I cook :)

  8. 54spiritedwill54 says

    Very cool. I will …
    Very cool. I will have to try this out tonight hehe

  9. stephsh69 says

    I have been making …
    I have been making your food & it has been a great success. Thank you Amma!

  10. mitu210486 says

    i don’t like food …
    i don’t like food with out onion or garlic.but after eaten these food i have stopped eating garlic and onions.
    thank u so much manjulaji.

  11. ambreec28 says

    My grandmother had …
    My grandmother had the same plates too! Small world, huh? Great recipe that I MUST try soon…thanks!

  12. PauloMauricio says

    I must confess: I …
    I must confess: I did it!
    Great Scott, it´s wonderful! Here, in Brazil, we don´t have this kind of rice, so I used common long grain rice. This recipe isn´t only delicious but beautiful seeing too. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Manjulaskitchen says

    yes there is …
    yes there is different but if you don’t have basmati rice, use long grain rice.

  14. trwlee says

    I like it when you …
    I like it when you have the ingredients printed on the screen.

    Thank you very much for sharing!

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