What are some vegetarian lunches I can pack for my lunch for school?

Having vegan or vegetarian options available while away from home at school is fortunately pretty easy these days thanks to grocery stores offering lots of great variety. Here are a few ideas from our readers that might help.

  • Pasta salad with veggies in Italian dressing
  • Pita bread, whole wheat bread or whole wheat bagel with hummus
  • Mexican wrap (avocado, tomato, onion, bell pepper strips & drained salsa.
  • Bean salad
  • Green Salad with all the fixings and a whole wheat roll
  • Veggie wraps (i put spinach on a flour tortilla or wrap and put on spinach and chopped carrots, celery, broccoli, pickles and red peppers)
  • A Thermos of vegetarian soup (make sure you read the ingredients on the soup you’re getting, even if it’s vegetable soup a lot of the time they use chicken stock for broth)
  • a Boca meatless “chicken” patty sandwich (they also have meatless “turkey” and “ham” slices for sandwiches)
  • Fruit, popcorn or other healthy snacks to go along with the main meal
  • Grillers which you can find at Wal-Mart and then pack 2 hamburger buns and then put some catsup in a zip lock bag . When you got to school your griller will bewarmed up and then you can stick it in between the buns and add the catsup
  • Peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat bread
  • Pemento Cheese on wheat bread
  • Salad with dressing in a container
  • Peach
  • Grapes
  • Carrots with dressing in a container
  • Nuts
  • Granola bars
  • Rice cakes
  • Propel
  • Dasani
  • Trail mix


  1. Brandon F says

    im a vegitarean…for a year an a half…and planning to stop at 2 years
    not like you care
    try peanut butter and jelly lol

    hmm everyone stole my peanut butter jelly idea…this makes me sad =(
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  2. wildeyedredhead3000 says

    Vegetable soup in a thermos, salad, or the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    Anything without meat. Cheese is good too if you aren't a vegan.
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  3. sweetxxxbrunette says

    my best friend from my old school was avegetarian and she brought pb&j carrots gummies that kind of thing you could also make peanut butter and fluff uhmm cheese and crackers salad

    they arent that hard to make
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  4. Laurie ~ fabulous ~ ♥ says

    fruit salads, tacos – with no meat -, veggie burger, apple pie – yummy -, and simpler stuff like fruit cups or jello or idk like homemade pizza!
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  5. uummm?? says

    Sandwiches w/ out meat ex. Peanut-butter jelly sandwiches
    Granola bars
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  6. angelgal_x says

    Well i'm a vergetable too! Yes a vegetable!
    It's quite hard because you can't exactly pack quorn which is a good source of protein. But you could talk in
    cheese sandwiches
    egg sanwiches-both with added things
    cold pasta dishes with good sauces
    lots of fruit and veg! nice one's though
    Some already made salads from a store
    That's mostly what i pack for mine and good luck! I hoep you find something you like!
    If you like cheese definitely pack that because that has protein in it and so do nuts so try packing them!
    Hope i helped! I have to pack mine too! 😀
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  7. Ann N. Cephalic says

    Do you still eat dairy products? (cows don't have to die to share some milk)
    Swiss cheese on whole wheat, yogurt, fruit, nuts, veggie sticks & dip, bean burritos, vegetable cup-a-soup, peanut butter & celery, there are tons of options.
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  8. Swamy says

    Cucumber and tomato slices sandwiched between slices of whole grain bread, fruit juice or fruit, nuts (almonds, pistachios), raisins, soaked or boiled groundnuts (peanuts or monkey nuts), sprouted lentils etc.
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  9. the dang dead dude! ()_() says

    well um… salads fruit salads some people dont count fish meals meat um.. theres carrots and ranch or celery and peanut butter you can put dried grapes i totally forgot what there called. thats all i can think of at the time…….. good luck:)
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  10. wolverinerivercrow says

    Granola bars, trail mix. Celery sticks with cream cheese or peanut butter. Apples with peanut butter. Vegitarian sandwich made like this: cream cheese, alphalpha sprouts, slice of tomato, sliced Avacodo, cucumber on whole wheat bread. slice of pickle would be good too.
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  11. Reni Witch Baby says

    there are so many different sandwiches and soups that you can take to school! oh my goodness, there's not enough space here to list them all…

    my advice to you is to pick up the following vegetarian cookbooks – they're all aimed at children and teenagers so there's nothing that can't be made by people with little to no kitchen skill:

    Vegetables Rock!
    The Teen's Vegetarian Cookbook
    Kids Can Cook – Vegetarian Meals (i think that's the title)

    there are loads more, i just can't think of titles at the moment…
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