Sexy Famous Vegetarians

Sexy Famous Vegetarians & Vegans. See how many you know!! IF there is ever a good and compelling reason to choose a plant-based vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, this could be it! Stay healthy and fit like they do…

Vegetarians and Vegans in this video:

Carrie Underwood
Little Richard
Shania Twain
Elvis Costello
Don McLean
Bryan Adams
Natalie Portman
Alyssa Milano
Bob Barker
Demi Moore
Michael J. Fox
Pamela Anderson
Andre 3000
Alexis Stewart
Jerry Seinfeld
Kim Basinger
Leonardo Da Vinci
Charles Darwin
Thomas Edison
Mark Twain
Sir Isaac Newton
Vincent Van Gogh
Josh Hartnett
Kate Bush
Weird Al
Ruben Studdard
Avril Lavigne
Alicia Silverstone
Liv Tyler
Charlotte Ross
Benji Madden
Brigitte Bardot
Jane Goodall
Henry Ford
Christina Applegate
Bob Dylan
Tobey MaGuire
Princess Diana
Chelsea Clinton
Lauren Bush
Dexter Scott King
Coretta Scott King
Linda McCartney
Paul McCartney
Stella McCartney
All Members of the Beatles
Reese Witherspoon
Brad Pitt
Alison Goldfrapp
Fiona Apple
Mr. Rogers
Matt Groening
Betty White
Vanessa Williams
& Many More



Duration : 0:4:35


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  1. VeganMotorcyclePilot says

    I am the absolute …
    I am the absolute opposite, I will make sure that people know what they are supporting, silence agrees that it is okay. Imagine if slaves didn’t revolt.

    I will also not touch a girl that supports the rape and murder of innocent lives, because that means that they are a selfish piece of who just like me for what I can do for them.

    real men respect and protect life.

    veggieconnection (dot) com
    veggiedating (dot) com

    ME myspace (dot) com/vegetarianveganparadise

  2. NaturVita says

    I am vegetarian …
    I am vegetarian because I chose to be one, NOT b/c it is trendy. Plus I am not one those vegans/vegetarians that will tell others that eating meat is wrong. MY BF is not vegetarian, just because he isn’t doesn’t mean I love him any less. I wish he were but if it’s not smth he doesn’t like I certainly wont force him into it.

  3. owl316 says

    hmmmm i wonder why …
    hmmmm i wonder why they are vegetarians. maybe cause it’s trendy, makes them thin, makes them look holier than thou ect.

  4. mudsiIImusket says

    The CDC reports …
    The CDC reports that vegetables contain major carcinogens. The public was misled about so called “health benefits” of vegetables because the vegetable industry wants to protect it’s profits, & refuses to discontinue operations. Not since the milk industry scam has there been such a farce – people are told cow’s milk is healthy, but most humans are lactose intolerant. All those fields that are used to grow vegetables should be used for cattle, who at least produce a healthy product – meat.

  5. Vader12Tater12 says

    We’ve already been …
    We’ve already been over the whole ‘balanced diet’ thing. I’m a runner, I eat a lot of bread, a lot of veggies and actually I don’t eat a lot of meat compared to most people I know. So I was not aware of this whole eating too much meat.

    But meat is still meant to be eaten. I modern humans were as active as hunter-gathers, I’m sure there metabolisms would be able to handle more.

  6. bananakins12345 says

    Not true. When …
    Not true. When humans were hunter-gatherers, they had to hunt, and it would often take days to kill/eat their meal. They also ate the meat raw. But now that humans have evolved as well, they no longer hunt for their food on a daily basis. Since meat is more easily accessible now, humans eat way more meat than they did in the stone ages. Because people eat more meat, their digestive systems are slower, because the enzymes in our stomachs are not equipped to handle this much.

  7. Vader12Tater12 says

    The reason not to …
    The reason not to is:

    animals were created and/or evolved to be eaten by humans and other predatoratory animals

    going against nature screws stuff up… if the majority of people were vegetarians the evironment would go to

  8. kelsey936 says

    Whether or not we …
    Whether or not we evolved to be omnivorous is irrelevant. Humans can live perfectly healthily on a vegetarian and/or vegan diet. If you do your research and eat a balanced diet, nutritionally, there is no reason not to. Just read one of the many books on the subject.

  9. MaeglinMiriel says

    Seeing all these …
    Seeing all these people being vegetarians almost makes want to give up being a vegetarian myself.
    But I care more about animals then pop-icons, so that.

  10. ChiKiCheong says

    I really think …
    I really think vegetarianism is the way to go against animal cruelty. What I found interesting was Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, in his video, The Joy of Liberating Animals on Youtube, advised his students to turn vegetarian to create the causes to build an animal sanctuary or shelter. This is to show their commitment to care for animals instead of just saying they care. We dont really care for animals if we keep eating them every meal!

  11. Vader12Tater12 says

    Strongly believe …
    Strongly believe that ‘vegetarianism’ is unnatural.

    We have canine teeth to eat meat and molars to eat veggies (we should all be omnivorous!!!) We have eyes on the front of our heads (and not on the sides) because we are predators. And we think intelligently (or more intelligently than most other animals….) because we are meant to outsmart our prey (instead of outrun it like most predators do)

    Ominvorious humans are natural, Vegetarians are not.

  12. mdudius says

    you know what’s …
    you know what’s hott about vegetarians? not just their looks, but their beautiful and compassionate minds.

  13. Teenybikini says

    The sexy is just a …
    The sexy is just a bit of humor..
    their morals are what makes them attractive

  14. bangletigress says

    yeah I’m pretty …
    yeah I’m pretty sure the ‘sexy’ thing is a matter of opinion because, well, Albert Einstein? Really?

  15. bangletigress says

    Lol yeah, he probly …
    Lol yeah, he probly would have lived longer if he didn’t start a war and ate meat. Whatever though, other people being or not being veggetarian doesn’t affect my decision. Jesus was a vegetarian, is that going to stop all the Christian’s from eating meat? naah

  16. Gweezian says

    Vegetarianism as a …
    Vegetarianism as a means of wanting vitality in the midst of running a world war?! I think the world would have been better off if Hitler ate meat and dispensed all together with his war aims. He would have gotten much more vitality that way. Less stressful for sure.

  17. Gweezian says

    true or not the …
    true or not the list is always credible if more beautiful people are on it followed by the very intelligent and then by those who aren’t prone to depression. we can sort out whether they’re vegetarians later.

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