Osho on vegetarian food

Osho explains why vegetarian food is beauitful and whi he does not allow non-veg food in osho commune at pune. He ociates vegetarian food with aesthetics rather than religion…….. enjoy the discourse and a part of you will get enlightened….. Hail osho

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  1. SharksKid says:

    I understand where …
    I understand where he’s coming from, but I can’t agree.

  2. soheiljerusalem says:

    Experts say those …
    Experts say those who have a healthy vegan diet are less likely to get heart attack . Plus , it’s been proved that meat makes you aggressive .

  3. pierinho says:

    is meat bad for the …
    is meat bad for the body?

  4. sheepwshotguns says:

    drinking water with …
    drinking water with micro-organisms is MURDER!
    have a heart !
    go without food or drink !

  5. zbasarab says:

    wats wrong with …
    wats wrong with murder exactly? I’m being serious.

  6. arunkenriche says:

    may be you are not …
    may be you are not as aware as when u step on a dog so that u feel no emotion for plants. when ur emotion increases, u might feel the same emotion that you feel for a fellow humane being…. but on the other hand, if we are not eating plants or animals, how can we live?…. interesting stuff to think about….. but i know people who were living without killing plants and animals….

  7. carsonconn says:

    gut instinct and a …
    gut instinct and a physical reaction from the animal tells humans its not right to kill them. If we were not supposed to eat plants there would be bigger signs telling us its wrong and our natural instinct would inform us of its brutality. My evidence is the reaction I would get from kicking my dog in the face and the feeling I would feel afterwards compared to the reaction i would get from stepping on a plant and the reaction i would see from it. Plants have tropisms rather then emotions.

  8. soheiljerusalem says:



    Have a heart !

    Go vegan !

  9. arunkenriche says:

    starhash: what is …
    starhash: what is your comment about the discussion going on?

  10. arunkenriche says:

    gloriouspoetry: i …
    gloriouspoetry: i agree with u…… no conditioning at all….. u do what u feel like doing…..

  11. arunkenriche says:

    phonologie: may be …
    phonologie: may be you have to wait for few more weeks to come to a conclusion….

  12. arunkenriche says:

    carsonconn, are you …
    carsonconn, are you sure that plants don’t have emotions and animals do have it??? can you support with evidence?

  13. Phonologie says:

    Good spoken. I like …
    Good spoken. I like meat very much, but for 2 weeks ago my body could eat no more, it makes me vomiting.
    Body is an unity who learns from itself, mind has just to listen.

  14. carsonconn says:

    plants dont have …
    plants dont have emotions, animals do. A plant isnt scared less before you kill it.

  15. ha ha, thanks for …
    ha ha, thanks for answer blitzkrieg19031…

  16. gloriouspoetry says:

    This world is ugly …
    This world is ugly and beautiful ….become your own alchemist…vegeterian or not…become your own alchemist.

  17. starharsh says:

    love it
    love it

  18. chushinryoku says:

    The DNA is broken …
    The DNA is broken down by the strong acid in your stomach in to such basic constituents that you could eat a tumor and it wouldn’t harm you.

  19. arunkenriche says:

    inderjit: yes u r …
    inderjit: yes u r right. i absolutely agree with u. we cannot live without food whatever it may be plants or animals. there were dinosaurs in the past which would have fed on us. we got to do what we feel like doing… no boundaries….no dogma….no principles……

  20. inderjit4422 says:

    plants do feel pain …
    plants do feel pain too. thats why we should eat as per requirement or less than require, this way we will cause less harm to other creations and this is good for health also… and we should grow more and more plants… coz we cant grow animals…

  21. blitzkrieg19031 says:

    You don’t eat …
    You don’t eat people because the dna is too close, it would give you cancer! Same with pigs apparently.

  22. arunkenriche says:

    i agree with you…
    i agree with you…

  23. sionatube says:

    Well of course you …
    Well of course you need to make the field save, on which you are raising your plants. And then other things get involved too like biomechanism or economy (selling plants, fruits, etc)
    and another problem approaches: not every country can grow such stuff. e.g. northern countries

  24. arunkenriche says:

    i would love to …
    i would love to grow plants but the minute i grow plants the people kill them and it is stupidity on my part and your part to do something like that. It is like filling a bottle with water with a big big hole in the base.

  25. sionatube says:

    plants may feel …
    plants may feel pain.
    but do something good to the world. raise more plants to honour those you have eaten

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