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Vegan delivery service - Veestro Kale and Quinoa SaladIf you are like me, you are a busy person with not enough time to prepare a wide variety of delicious vegan meals. Because of my busy schedule and my poor cooking skills, I typically ended up eating the same easy and old thing over and over again making my routine extremely boring.

Out of desperation, I did my research and found two amazing options. I have loyally been using both for months now and can’t give them enough kudos for how delicious, nutritious and easy their meals are! So, I had to share them with you.

The first is Veestro ( With an easy to navigate website, Veestro has a great variety of menu items including entrees, soups and juices. Their food includes no preservatives and lots of organic ingredients so you know you are getting quality meals. They arrive packed in dry ice frozen so you can keep them in your freezer ready to eat when you want them.

The food is delicious. One of my favorites is the veggie empanadas and I love the sauce that comes with them. But there are so many others I love that you really need to explore their menu to find the ones you love too. But not only do they have wonderful prepared foods, they also have great cold-pressed fresh frozen juices to choose from. I end up ordering in bulk from them so I always have what I want on hand.

The second vegan meal delivery service is from DeliverLean ( DeliverLean differs from Veestro in a few ways. With DeliverLean, you choose which kind of menu you want – vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, traditional, etc. Once you have selected which kind of menu, you can then give them up to three things that you do not like. From there, they deliver fresh (not frozen) food on Monday, Wednesday and Friday based on what their gourmet chefs have prepared for that week. While our gut instinct might be to be in control of what meals get delivered by choosing what you want, I have been so pleasantly surprised with each new meal because it gives me more variety than I would have picked on my own. Their food is truly outstanding and it makes life so much easier knowing I have fresh, quality vegan meals at my fingertips.

Personally, I prefer the convenience of hand picking the items I like most that I get from Veestro compared to being stuck to the pre-defined menu from Deliver Lean, but both are still great vegan options.

So the perfect combination for someone who doesn’t have time or the know-how to have a delicious vegan diet is Veestro and Deliver Lean. Try them both – I bet you will love them as much as I do!


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