Vegan and Vegetarian News: horsemeat scandal, vegan style awards

Getting Ready for a Vegan Passover

 from The VRG Blog by The VRG Blog Editor
Passover is coming up in late March this year, and we’ve got lots of great vegan recipes to share with your friends and family.

Horsemeat Scandal Creates More Veg Consumers

UK supermarkets are seeing veg options fly off the shelves as people seek alternatives to meat.

Oscars : Vegan Vegetarian Style Awards

from World Vegetarian And Vegan News by Tony – FoodsforLife
From deep within whichever dark basement he hides in the winter Vegan Pirate of The Carob Bean,  Captain James Tea Cook, gives a vegan skewed look as his own alternative Vegan Oscars.

Vegetarian Survey from University of Georgia

 from The VRG Blog by The VRG Blog Editor
A graduate student from University of Georgia has asked that The VRG participate in a national survey on vegetarianism and for us to share it with our members.

6 Kitchen Staples You Can Make at Home

Even if you’re not Martha Stewart, you’ll find these homemade staples as simple as they are satisfying.

Grow Your Own Sprouts: Hippocrates Greenhouse Manager Brian Hetrich Shows Us How

from Hippocrates Health Institute by Brian Charron
HHI Greenhouse Manager Brian Hetrich shares the health benefits of raw sprouts and provides a how-to guide to growing your own at home.


Meatless Monday: The Key To Sexual Vitality? Try Watermelon

 from Hippocrates Health Institute by Brian Charron
Drs. Brian and Anna Marie Clement share how good sex leads to good health and how to put some sizzle into your love life.

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