The science behind health and being a vegan

Recently, I had this email exchange with a family member who also happens to have severe colon health problems.

Her comment:

Everyone agrees some meat, etc in moderation is not a bad bad thing. Right? Nevertheless, I still believe it is the following of your own convictions, beliefs, good karma, etc that gives one health in mind and body through stability, happiness and less stress. Feeding your spirit is what counts… so I’ll eat meat and dairy because it is my conviction and belief and you eat whatever foods are for you. Be good to each other and we may find health!

My response:

That would be wonderful if medically true, but if it were, then there would be no health issues in people who are deeply spiritual, kind or religious. When it comes to what keeps your body healthiest, positive feelings, stability, etc. do help but are no guarantee by a long shot as you can see by all walks of life getting critically ill.

It all boils down to pure science just as the sun shines every morning whether it is something you “believe in” or not. Scientifically, all animal products contain cholesterol – even skim milk, fish and chicken breasts.

As humans, we naturally create our own cholesterol whereas pure carnivores such as dogs and cats do not. When we add extra cholesterol to our bodies through any animal foods, we add cholesterol which ends up sticking to our blood vessel walls and creating a more acidic system. Both of these, over time, can lead to health complications whether it be heart disease, inflammation, diabetes or others.

It is possible that some people naturally have somewhat of a better ability to handle the extra cholesterol since they have likely been eating animal stuff for many generations and might have adapted to some degree, yet even they succumb to food-borne illnesses such as those listed above.

The problem is that thanks to our modern food production capability, we are eating soooo much more animal products than ever before and our bodies have not been able to successfully adapt since it has been such a fast change. Therefore, no matter what, less is better and less does not mean one animal product a day, but a couple of times a week at best.

I loved how one doctor from Clevland Clinic referred to it as a choosing between shooting or hanging yourself when choosing what kinds of animal products to keep in your diet to stay healthy…

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