Pizza Fusion Franchise: Organic, Vegan, LEED and Hybrids

What goes up when the economy goes down? Apparently green franchising. Just ask Pizza Fusion President, Mark Begelman who has watched his company experience a 31.25% growth this year alone and is expecting even greater results to finish out the rest of the year.

It is an interesting phenomenon to be a part of for sure. While the rest of the global economy is faltering at historic proportions, franchising, (green franchising to be more specific) is growing at a record pace.

However, experiencing record growth is not new to Begelman  as he was one of the founders of Office Depot. Within a short four-year period, from 1991 to 1995, he managed Office Depot’s growth from 127 stores at $900 million in revenues to $4.5 billion in revenues with 460 retail locations nationwide. He joined Pizza Fusion because he saw many of the same ingredients for success as he did with Office Depot, specifically a business concept that fits perfectly with current conditions and trends.

The first element deals with the financial instability individuals are feeling as companies are downsizing and 401k’s are shrinking. Franchising gives them the opportunity to take more control over their financial futures by tapping into pre-packaged business opportunities. These opportunities allow for a faster start-up time and the ability for them to leverage centralized marketing funds and resources so they can realize profits more quickly than if they started a new venture from scratch.

The second trend is of course consumer awareness and demand for green products and services. Even as some try to throw stones at organic foods, consumers are recognizing the need for healthier food options which includes lower chemical content and processing. Pizza Fusion sets the standard for green businesses as not only are their foods and beverages organic, but their sites are LEED certified and they use hybrid delivery vehicles.

All economic indicators point to a continued growth in green franchising as what used to be considered a fad is now going mainstream.

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