Famous Vegetarians and Vegans

Want to see some of the top celebrities who have gone vegan or vegetarian as well as see what inspired them to do so? Check out some of these great resources! Plus, check out this great video – you are in great company as a vegan or vegetarian!




Photos: Thank you to Famous Veggie, PETA, peta2, and the HSUS for the wonderful photos.

Audio: John Mayer, Waiting on the World to Change

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! Disclaimer: No financial profit was made from this video. All audio/photos belong to proper owners. I am not claiming to own this audio.

PS: Yes, I realize Lenny Kravitz is not a vegetarian.. Famous Veggie had him listed as one – so perhaps he was one previously but now is not -_-

Duration : 0:3:20

[youtube rkhNN-SSlgs]

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  1. MetelloR says

    Google – museum of …
    Google – museum of vegetarianism — to know famous historical vegetarians and – the animal rights libray — for texts writter by important people who embraced animal rights and vegetarianism.

  2. MetelloR says

    For those who think …
    For those who think Hitler was a vegetarian: Read the book Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover by Rynn Berry and Martin Rowe, Pythagorean Books, ISBN: 0962616966

  3. jrrydha says

    i wish i could see …
    i wish i could see more rappers being vegan, andre 300 wears fur so his not a vegan and dre where leather sneakers, i wish there was a true vagan succesful rapper, i would feel like the common sense of veganism is spreading to everyone

  4. MonologuePrince444 says

    ROSA PARKS!?!? How …
    ROSA PARKS!?!? How very cool. I miss her. :(
    Stay Veg everyone! W00t- chlorophyll power!!

  5. Tonyblack261 says

    Maybe some of you …
    Maybe some of you have seen some of these people eating meat – but how old was the video you saw? Maybe they are vegetarians now but weren’t then. Great video!

  6. peepchick101 says

    Okay – name names.. …
    Okay – name names… I’m sorry if I got them wrong; I was just taking them off these couple of vegetarian sites…

  7. peepchick101 says

    Vegans are people …
    Vegans are people who don’t use/eat any thing taken from animals – they don’t eat eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, or wear fur/leather/down.

  8. vitinbahia says

    Dodgy list of …
    Dodgy list of people. H.G. Wells was a repulsive bigot and racist who advocated the mass killing of ‘inferior races.’

  9. Marty883 says

    Not true! I’ve seen …
    Not true! I’ve seen the video of Pam Anderson swallowing a huge chunk of meat.

  10. wallypalooza says

    you forgot …

    you forgot anthony keidis of the red hot chili peppers though

  11. 18andover says

    Morrissey is a veg …
    Morrissey is a veg too he is awsome even made a song bout it too

  12. seangamble2 says

    Alot of thees …
    Alot of thees people arent vegans man! if you want i’ll name names

  13. ktiva says

    and me!

    raffi is …
    and me!

    raffi is a veg!?
    that’s effing awesome!
    good song choice,

  14. rishik17 says

    chill, there. They …
    chill, there. They did include queen sophia of spain.

  15. rishik17 says

    hitler’s favourite …
    hitler’s favourite dish was a rare gourmet sausage. nope. not a vegetarian, dude.

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