What are the first steps to becoming a RAW FOOD VEGAN?

I am a vegan and I eat a lot of raw foods but I am committed to making the full switch and being strictly a raw food vegan. I would like to know what tools are needed to be a raw food chef. I know a food processor is essential, but what other utensils or ingredients are a staple point of any raw food chef’s kitchen?

There are a few things that can be helpful in a great raw kitchen. First, is a top-rated blender. My favorite is the Vitamix blender (shown here)

I have had my Vitamix for years and I absolutely love it. It is so fast, versatile and easy to clean that it really is my go-to machine. The next would have to be a food dehydrator to help you make tasty snacks and give you a wider variety of great things to eat.

And your next tools should be a food spiralizer which can make anything look beautiful and easy to eat. Think of spiral squash as a raw vegan pasta option.

Enjoy! And here’s to your health!!

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