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Noah Cyrus Stands Up Against the Circus! Good News! Stories We Dig From Around the Web Vegan, DASH, Mediterranean—Which Diet is Best?  The Sub: Alternative Salad Greens Beyond Skin Shoe Design Competition – the Winner Win a Three-Month Subscription to Vegan Cuts! Why Do Animals Love Vince Vaughn and Cameron Diaz? 14 Delicious Vegan Dips […]

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Nutrition IQ: Foods to Boost Energy Broccoli Raab with Spicy Peanut-Miso Dressing Mango Spice Cake with Mango Compote “We got our reward” Animals Lose Friend and Defender Supermarket Explorer: Yuba (Tofu Skin) New Year Resolution: Stay Healthy and Happy! Archbishop Desmond Tutu Calls for Justice for Animals Nutrition IQ: Apples and Cancer Prevention How Going […]

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Top 10 Animal-Friendly Tweets of 2013 Top 13 Vegan Recipes of 2013! Perspective: From 2003 How a House Can Change a Life—PETA’s Doghouse Program in Action Vegan Outreach: Changing Lives Beyond Meat Is PETA’s Company of the Year! Ricky Gervais Is PETA’s Person of the Year Response to SeaWorld’s Open Letter Holiday Baking: Manchego Cheese […]

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How to Meet Your Protein Needs without Meat Gluten-Free Holiday Re-Do Contest Winner! Good News! Stories We Dig From Around the Web Jonas Von Essen: World Memory Champ – Remember to Go Vegan! The Video That Will Change People’s Minds About Cows The Find: Vegan Bags Surprising Facts About Pigs What are the vegan and […]

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Update: Cherokee Tribal Elders Won’t Stop Until Grizzlies Are Free Global Campaign to End Cosmetics Tests on Animals Full-Steam Ahead Copy Cat in the Kitchen: Red Lentil and Kabocha Squash Soup More Than a Feeling: Boston Rocks for Animals Do You Have 60 Seconds to Save Puppies? The Sub: Instead of Salt Nutrition Face-Off: Raw […]

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Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians Photo of the Day: Young ‘Calf’ Says, ‘I Miss My Mom!’ Ho, Ho, Faux: Win Great Faux Fashions From Steady Clothing! H&M Halts Angora Production Looking Forward. Originally Published in “Animal People” How to Wear Vegan A Convenient Truth: Al Gore Goes Vegan It’s Giving Tuesday! Can You Help Animals […]

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How to Wear Vegan Fewer Animals Dying in the US 22 Facts That Might Make You Pass on Turkey This Year Leah’s Weight Loss Story Is Being Vegetarian Important? Just for Fun: Horrifying Vegan Problems A Better World, A Better Us Technorati Tags: animal cruelty, vegan, vegetarian

Vegan and Vegetarian Thanksgiving Options

Vegetarian Thanksgiving and Vegan

Here are a few of our favorite sources for vegan or vegetarian options for Thanksgiving! Enjoy!! Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes + VRG’s Vegan Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner Vegan Thanksgiving (Vegetarians Welcome!) – In a Vegetarian Kitchen Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes – Pinterest 32 Vegan Recipes That Are Perfect For Thanksgiving Celebrate a Vegan Holiday | PETA.org Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes – Mercy For Animals