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A Vegan Diet May Help With Diabetes Pain Raw Maca Fudge [Vegan, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free] Chinese vegetarian restaurant Vege Favor closes in Islip State Fair gets first vegetarian/vegan food vendor this year Girls Gone Vegan! Meet the Pegan Diet: The Better-for-You Child of Paleo and Vegan Jewish Vegetarians Rejoice: The Resurrection of a Rare Yiddish Cookbook I’m a […]

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Click on the headline below to view the full article. How to Join a Food Swap Mayor Charlie Hales wants you to go vegan on March 20 – “Obsessed” vegan cheesemaker found calling after career in restoration – Watershed post Meet the Butcher—and Former Vegetarian—Who Now Specializes in Humane … – TakePart The World […]

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Click on headline below to view the full article Here’s Another Huge Reason To Eat A Plant-Based Diet – Huffington Post Best Vegan Foods at Trader Joe’s – POPSUGAR Vegetarian Calculator Says Average Person Eats 7000 Animals in a Lifetime – Ecorazzi On the Edge of Common Sense: Vegetarian’s Guide to Cowboys – Elko Daily […]

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5 Habits of the Healthiest Vegans WATCH: Condom Bowl XLVIII Vegan Dessert Recipe List Vic’s Best Day Ever, Thanks to You Meet PETA’s Rescue Team and the Animals They Help Vegan Cauliflower Wings Chicken News Beyoncé Is Crazy in Love With Vegan Food It’s the Year of the Horse! Said It All in 1899! What […]

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Sneak Peak at Raw Food Tour & Inventory Blow0ut Continues! Veestro – I love this vegan food delivery service! Enter to win a free sample pack! Crispy Tofu Fingers Samosa Stuffed Peppers One Farmer’s Story What Do I Do With … Jackfruit? Olympic Athletes Medal in Compassion -Vegan vs. not Good News! Stories We Dig From […]

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Get Ready to Fall in Love With Esther the Wonder Pig PETA Removes 17 Bears From Miserable Concrete Pits Dead End – Chicken genetics Dr Brian Clement discussing supplement regulation Teachers: You and Your Students Can Help Dogs in Need Good News! Stories We Dig From Around the Web WWJD: What Would Jesus Drink? “Honey, let’s […]