Pizza Fusion Franchise: Organic, Vegan, LEED and Hybrids

What goes up when the economy goes down? Apparently green franchising. Just ask Pizza Fusion President, Mark Begelman who has watched his company experience a 31.25% growth this year alone and is expecting even greater results to finish out the rest of the year. It is an interesting phenomenon to be a part of for […]

Sexy Famous Vegetarians

Sexy Famous Vegetarians & Vegans. See how many you know!! IF there is ever a good and compelling reason to choose a plant-based vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, this could be it! Stay healthy and fit like they do… Vegetarians and Vegans in this video: Carrie Underwood Little Richard Shania Twain Elvis Costello Brandy Don McLean […]

What is a good title for animal rights?

I need a creative title for my animal rights persuasive essay. Can anyone help me? -Please and Thank You! Also if anyone can help me with the introduction to help me find a good question or quote to catch the attention of the reader. -Thank You!=) The title could be "Silent pain" The question is […]

Zucchini Rice Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cooking

This has been one of the most popular recipes around! Enjoy it! We have also heard that adding a few mushrooms and a couple of strips of yellow pepper can make it even that much more delicious! INGREDIENTS: Duration : 0:6:2   Technorati Tags: Basmati, Indian, Jain, Jukini, kitchen, Manjula, recipe, Rice, squash, summer, vegan, Zucchini

Can raw food really change your eye color?

There have been rumors going around where people are wondering if their eye color can be changed by changing to a raw food diet. Although I have not seen any formal research on this subject, there have been a number of raw food eaters who claim that their eyes have gone from brown to blue […]