Vegan and Vegetarian Thanksgiving Options

Vegetarian Thanksgiving and Vegan

Here are a few of our favorite sources for vegan or vegetarian options for Thanksgiving! Enjoy!! Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes + VRG’s Vegan Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner Vegan Thanksgiving (Vegetarians Welcome!) – In a Vegetarian Kitchen Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes – Pinterest 32 Vegan Recipes That Are Perfect For Thanksgiving Celebrate a Vegan Holiday | Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes – Mercy For Animals

Vegan and Vegetarian News

Vegan Foodservice Recipes from The VRG Blog by The VRG Blog Editor Pulse Canada has put out a new set of large-scale recipes designed specifically for the foodservice and healthcare industries. You may want to share these with your school, company, hospital, or other foodservice. Several of these recipes are vegetarian and vegan including Beet and Bean Borscht, […]

Vegan and Vegetarian News: horsemeat scandal, vegan style awards

Getting Ready for a Vegan Passover  from The VRG Blog by The VRG Blog Editor Passover is coming up in late March this year, and we’ve got lots of great vegan recipes to share with your friends and family. Horsemeat Scandal Creates More Veg Consumers from UK supermarkets are seeing veg options fly off the shelves as people […]

Ten Veggies that Alleviate Anxiety

The relationship between what people feel and what people eat could no longer be denied. As they say, you are what you eat. Thus, your best line of defense against any negative or disheartening disposition is in the food you take in. In a similar manner, your diet could be your most effective weapon against […]

The science behind health and being a vegan

Recently, I had this email exchange with a family member who also happens to have severe colon health problems. Her comment: Everyone agrees some meat, etc in moderation is not a bad bad thing. Right? Nevertheless, I still believe it is the following of your own convictions, beliefs, good karma, etc that gives one health […]

What happens if a vegetarian eats meat suddenly?

Many vegans and vegetarians have heard the rumor that your stomach will get things like stomach cramps, nausea and other ill feelings if you eat meat suddenly. There have been many different responses, but I thought I would start with my own personal experience. When I first became a vegetarian, I went for my first year […]

What happens if a vegetarian wants to join the military?

And remain a vegetarian while in the military, of course. Do they accommodate vegetarians? I’m referring mainly to western countries like Canada, USA, UK, etc. (I’m not planning to join; I was just wondering) A vegetarian can certainly join the US military. We had a vegetarian in boot camp, and there wasn’t a problem. The […]