Please help me write a thesis statement for my research paper based on animal rights?

Animal rights is a very common topic among schools and universities. If you are a student working on this issue, here are a few thoughts to get your creative writing juices flowing!

For any of you that have ever had a pet, let’s say a cat or dog, for example, then you know that animals have strong feelings, are intelligent and care about others. Although they cannot communicate directly with us in a way that is equal to what we can typically understand, does that mean that humans have the right to treat them in ways that are physically or emotionally painful? Because humans have the ability to capture, keep caged, perform scientific experiments, beat, starve or any other number of harmful actions, does that mean that we should or that it should be legal?

One thing that could be helpful is to find legal ways to protect animals based on what a person would or would not do to their own beloved pet. As lawmakers are crafting laws that impact the health and well-being of animals, they can ask themselves if they would feel comfortable with those laws if it was their own pet (or their child’s pet) that was being protected. I imagine things would be quite different if they thought that way.

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